In Tiny Houses it’s urgent to save space because the space in small rooms are strong limited. In the daily use of a room we don’t need the space the whole day. A lot of space is lost by the non- use. It’s important to identify the possibilities of multiple use.

In the space where we wash and shower, go to the toilet lays a lot of opportunities to change the use of this area. The most time of the day we don’t use it and be there only few minutes.

tiny house

By merging functions I increase the effectiveness. The increasing of the usage reduce the wasted space and so I thought about solutions of merging in a space with water. I worked on the base WATER and put together functionalities with this topic and sourced out the another functions like the toilet.

I’ve put the two needs – washing and showering – together and create a new place. In my WATERAREA is the shower and the sink at the same space.

tiny house

For washing hands you open the lower water tap. If the tap are open the pump pumps the water from the tank in the function wall to the inside. The dirty water run in the bowl.

tiny house

The podest have two functions: If you clean your hands you go up. For showering you remove the board and make a step inside. You close the lower and open the upper tap. The pump works if the tap are open. In the bowl is a pump which the dirty water pumps into the grey water tank in the function wall. There the water will be cleaned.

The water recycling system is placed in the function wall in the front of the tiny house and has a connection to the fittings in the inside. The entire system works as a cycle in which the used water of the shower and the washing will be cleaned. In the topic GREY WATER SYSTEM I explain how it works.